What to expect


     Amory First Methodist Early Learning Center is an all-day early childhood program for newborn through 4 year old and an after school program-pending enrollment numbers. We are licensed by the Mississippi State Department of Health and are inspected on a regular basis. All staff meet the requirements of the licensure including attending regular education workshops. All staff have completed first aid training and CPR classes. The 4 year-old class uses the OWL curriculum (Opening Worlds of Learning). This is the same curriculum used by the Pre-K programs in all of the local elementary schools and is a literacy and math-based curriculum.



     The purpose of the Amory First Early Learning Center is to encourage the development of preschool children and to prepare them for kindergarten with emphasis on social, emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual development.


(includes breakfast, lunch, and snacks)

   Infant class: $100

1 - 4 year-old Classes: $90 per week (includes breakfast, lunch, and snacks)

After School Care-$50 a week